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1. What is far infrared
Far infrared ray is a kind of magic sunlight except other visible sunlight .People can’t see the light by sight, but its physical characters are very similar to the visible lights which have a clear thermal radiation. Usually, we call the infrared whose wavelength is 2.5μm or more far infrared. Among it, the wavelength between 4 to 15μm are near to the radiant far infrared from human body, so the far infrared in this range is called life ray.
2. Characters of far infrared
Far infrared ray is one of electromagnetic waves, it’s an invisible light but it owns all characters of visible lights. The characters of far infrared are as follows:
Far infrared is an electromagnetic wave belongs to ray scope of light, so it can transmit without any medium just like other lights, that’s the emanative character.
Although far infrared is an electromagnetic wave of ray scope of light, its penetrability is different from other visible lights. Far infrared has a special penetrability that the energy can penetrate a certain depth into subcutaneous tissue and through blood circulation, the energy will penetrate into deep tissue and organs. This is the penetrability of far infrared ray.
(3)Absorption and resonance:
The wavelength of the radiant far infrared from human body is about 9.6μm, and the far infrared produced by “Idealwave” ’s products concentrates in 4-15μm, which matches the peak of human body. It can be best absorbed and translated as the body’s internal energy closely affecting the origin, occurrence and development of the life of human, and we call it as life ray for the far infrared with by this scope wavelength. So the far infrared has good absorption and resonance.
3. The biological effects of far infrared
As the far infrared has particular physical characters, penetrating into human body and absorbed by skin, it will produce a series of biological effects:
(1)The thermal effect of far infrared
(2)Resonate effect, activate water molecule
(3)Activate big molecule in body, lower blood fat and cholesterol
(4)Improve microcirculation function, boost the body's metabolism
(5)Improve immune function
The most notable are the thermal effect and resonate effect
4. Health care of far infrared
1. The role to central nervous system
The thermal effect of far infrared increases the blood circulation, improves brain tissue microcirculation status, to enable brain cells get sufficient oxygen and nutrients, improve metabolism and imbalance of cerebral cortex to enhance rejection processes, play a sedative, hypnotic effect.
2. The role to circulation system
(1) Adjustment to systemic circulation: after absorbing large quantity of far infrared, on one hand, the thermal effect increases the temperature of skin, stimulates the skin heat sensor and makes the vascular smooth muscle loose through thalamus reflection to expand blood vessels to accelerate the blood; on the other hand, releases active substances and reduces the tension of blood vessel, so as to expand the small arteries, capillary veins and capillary arteries, promote blood flow, stimulate the systemic circulation.
(2) Adjustment to microcirculation: as the accelerating of blood flow, much far infrared energy is brought to the body tissue and organs and plays a role to microcirculation to adjust contractive function of microcirculation blood vessel. On one hand, it can make slim diameter thicker to accelerate blood flow, it on the other hand changes the expanding and stagnant blood vessels from stagnant flow into activated flow, that’s the two-way adjustment to microcirculation by far infrared.
3. Anti-aging and longevity:
Accelerate the circulation of far infrared, make the metabolism more vigorous, improve body's tissue and organs’ function, delay the process of organ recession, make human body in a good running condition ,to reach the purposes of human anti-aging and longevity.
5. Technical introduction to company’s products
Traditionally, the heating film(panel) in the market produces electromagnetic wave when it’s used which can make people wakeful ,forgetful and other harms. Through hard and long time researching by our technicians, we adopt nanometer carbon crystal materials with special processing and dealings to change the internal structure, and with the unique production craftwork, we develop and innovate the revolutionary world-leading “Ideawave” Carbon Heater, which exactly meets “Only Far Infrared Ray, No Electromagnetic Wave” philosophy. The heating film (panel) great reduces the generation of electromagnetic waves by keeping all the far infrared ray functions. We are using this carbon heater technology into “Idealwave” sauna series and “Floorshine”, which will ensure you a healthy, green, safe and comfortable life.
We have applied patents in China, USA, Germany and son on for our non-electromagnetic wave carbon heating technology.

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